About company

Target Money is an international trust fund.

Tens of thousands of partners around the world are united by one - to achieve their goal. Everyone has different goals: one does not have enough working capital for doing business, and at this time the other plans to make repairs in the apartment. Someone is professionally engaged in trading or real estate construction - our fund allocates funds to entrepreneurs under the guarantee of return with a profit for investors.

How it works?

Example. Trader John from New York has been successfully trading cryptocurrencies for a long time and has a KPI of 90% per month. He plans to increase financial turnover at the expense of the Target Money fund, thereby ensuring profit growth for both himself and investors.

You are a person far from the world of cryptocurrency and trading, you just want to increase your capital in order to buy a new car or invest in your own business. Trader John will be able to earn himself, and will bring profit to you! A guarantee of a successful investment will be Target Money!

Before receiving a grant from the Target Money fund, an entrepreneur passes a thorough check for his credit history, activities and assessing the potential of a working business. Then a loan agreement is signed, which guarantees a full refund.

Your deposit is automatically distributed in different areas of the business, and each of the entrepreneurs receives a part of your contribution to its turnover of activity. Thus, Target Money eliminates the risks of non-return of your funds and your profits.

Target Money has long been successfully developing in the field of investment in the field of construction, trading, mining and other promising areas.

We guarantee our investors consistently high returns through competent financial flow management.